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It may sometimes be useful to install two, or more copies of the same application to the device eg. in case where only minor changes in the source code, or configuration make the application significantly different from the original one.

This may be accomplished in a couple of steps:

1) acquire a new UIDnumber

2) edit the contents of project's MMP file

change the name of target file (it is a good idea to add the UID number, or part of UID number to the file name)

TARGET NewProject.exe

change to

TARGET NewProject_<UID>.exe

where UID is the newly acquired UID number

change the UID3 of the project

UID 0x00000000 <new_uid_number>

change the names of resource files




in the same way change the name of the MBM file

3) Edit the contents of Package file

- change the UID number of the project

- change the names of all source and target file names eg.

"$(EPOCROOT)Epoc32\release\$(PLATFORM)\$(TARGET)\MyProject.exe"       -"!:\sys\bin\MyProject.exe"


"$(EPOCROOT)Epoc32\release\$(PLATFORM)\$(TARGET)\MyProject_<UID>.exe"       -"!:\sys\bin\MyProject_<UID>.exe"

-if applied change the paths of private resources (according to the new UID number)

4) change the names of resource files

- MyProject.rss -> MyProject_<UID>.rss

- MyProject_reg.rss -> MyProject_<UID>_reg.rss

5) change all the #include declarations pointing to the resource files, so that they point to the new names of these files

6) change the name of the generated _aif.mif file name, in the scalable icons make file (Icons_aif_scalable_dc.mk)


turns to


7) If the source files specify the name and location of resource files, MBM or AIF files explicitly, these names also need to be changed

As the last step it may also be helpful to change the caption name of the application, along with other displayed names and other info.

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