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How to install Maemo 5 SDK using GUI Installer

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This wiki article will show you how to install Maemo 5 SDK in your computer using GUI Installer provided by Nokia. In the past, if you want to install Maemo 5 SDK in your computer. You have to install scratchbox, Maemo SDK and xserver-xephyr all by yourself which is quite complicate for beginner. Lucky that Nokia wrote the Python script to help us install it in just few clicks.


Install Python and Python bindings for Python

Install python and python-qt4 using apt-get command

  > sudo apt-get install python3
  > sudo apt-get install python-qt4

Please note that you can also install these packages via Synactic Package Manager

Install Scratchbox, Maemo 5 SDK and xserver-xephyr using GUI Installer

1. Download GUI Installer from

2. Open using any text editor. Add this line inside def __taskInstallScratchbox(self): above LOG("Removing %s installer (%s)" % (SB_NAME, sb_installer_fn)) to prevent network error between installation

  subprocess.Popen(["cp", "-f", "/etc/resolv.conf", "/scratchbox/etc/resolv.conf"])

The edited script should be like this:


3. Open Terminal and change directory to directory contains GUI Installer

  > cd [path_to_gui_installer]

4. Give executable permission to installer

  > chmod a+x ./

5. Start GUI Installer

  > sudo ./

Maemo 5 SDK GUI Installer will be launched like this:

Screenshot-Maemo 5.0 SDK Installer 1.gif

Click Next to continue installation

6. In next page, select Standard Installation and then click Commit

Screenshot-Maemo 5.0 SDK Installer-2.gif

7. Review the Open Source License Agreement and then select I accept and click Next

Screenshot-Maemo 5.0 SDK Installer-3.gif

8. Installer will lead you to Nokia Binaries EULA acception. Scroll the box in the middle down to the bottom and you will see 5-digit number. Enter that number in the text field beside and then click ACCEPT

Screenshot-Maemo 5.0 SDK Installer-4.gif

9. Now Installer is ready, just click Install

Screenshot-Maemo 5.0 SDK Installer-5.gif

10. Installer will start installing process. Only thing you have to do is just wait. Please note that this process may take a long time, depends on your internet connection.

Screenshot-Maemo 5.0 SDK Installer-6.gif

Screenshot-Maemo 5.0 SDK Installer-Done.gif

Screenshot-Maemo 5.0 SDK Installer-Done2.gif


1. Open Terminal

2. Start Xephyr Server

  > Xephyr :2 -host-cursor -screen 800x480x16 -dpi 96 -ac -kb &

3. New group for scratchbox

  > newgrp sbox

4. Enter Scratchbox

  > /scratchbox/login

5. Change compilation target to FREMANTLE_X86

  > sb-menu

Inside scratchbox menu, select Select and the choose FREMANTLE_X86. Press OK and exit from menu. The prompt should be like:

  [sbox-FREMANTLE_X86: ~] >

6. Launch the emulator

  [sbox-FREMANTLE_X86: ~] > export DISPLAY=:2
  [sbox-FREMANTLE_X86: ~] > start

7. Enjoy Maemo 5!!

XephyrMaemo5 1.jpg

XephyrMaemo5 2.jpg

XephyrMaemo5 3.jpg



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