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Open Font System

Symbian OS provides a framework which makes it possible to use any kind of font.

This is a framework which allows rasterizer plug-ins to be used by the Font & Bitmap Server. A rasterizer plug-in is a DLL which provides character bitmaps to the Font and Bitmap server by recognizing and reading font files stored in a particular format.

How to Install a font file

By defualt, all the font files will be in "\system\fonts" on all drives which are loaded during Font and Bitmap Server startup; This includes Symbian font files, Open Font System font files for which a rasterizer DLL has been written and installed.

To install a font file at startup:

Step1: Copy the font file into "\system\fonts" on any drive

Step2: Perform a soft reboot of the device to restart the Font and Bitmap server.

To load a font file dynamically, which is done in the same way for both Symbian-native and Open Font System font files:

Call CWsScreenDevice::AddFile(), specifying the file to be loaded.


Custom Fonts Implementation

How to install rasterizer DLL


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