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How to integrate store review into an app on Windows Phone

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This article shows how to integrate "rate application" ("marketplace review") functionality into a Windows Phone application.

Tip.pngTip: The Rate My App Library (github) makes it very easy to add marketplace review to your app. The library displays a review prompt for your app after it has been launched a specified number of times (if it was not rated previously). You can download the current version (1.0) including the guide or get it from Nuget (Search NuGet repositories for "RateMyApp")
This approach the simplest described in #Where to request/add marketplace review and will be appropriate for many apps.

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Applications with high ratings are move visible in the Windows Store, results in higher application downloads, and more revenue. As a result it is important to make it easy for users to rate your application.

This is done using the MarketplaceReviewTask Launcher, which is trivially easy to integrate into an app.

This article shows how you can add the launcher, and explains where and when you should make the feature accessible to users.


To integrate the MarketplaceReviewTask launcher in your application follow the steps below. This can be added into any page in your application.

  1. Add the following Namespace
    using Microsoft.Phone.Tasks;
  2. Create an object of MarketplaceReviewTask class and call Show() method to show the Store client application and display the review page of your application. In this example I have used a button to show Store client application.
    private void btnRageMe_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    MarketplaceReviewTask oRateTask = new MarketplaceReviewTask();

Note.pngNote: When testing on the Emulator, the user must sign-in using their Windows Live ID and your application must be in Marketplace to allow a review to be written (neither of which are an issue on a consumer device after the app has been released).

Where to request/add marketplace review

Satisfied or happy users may never think to rate your app, which can skew review results (since users tend to rate apps during uninstallation or if they are dissatisfied). Therefore it is often a good idea to additionally prompt the user to rate your app after they have used it a number of times. More complicated algorithms are also possible- for example prompting after periods of error free execution (it is not a good idea to ask for a rating immediately after they've just lost data!)

There are numerous ways to prompt the user to make this rating, ranging from a pop-up message box, to a status message link at the bottom of the app main page, or a "toast-like" message at the top. It's up to the developer to determine which approach will best resonate with the app's target audience. In any case, care should be taken to ensure that users are not spammed with messages to rate the app, especially after they have already done so.

In addition, it is recommended that you give the user the opportunity to comment at their convenience. A common approach is to include rating as part of the application "About page" (see Advanced About Page for Windows Phone apps, and shown below).

About page with rating option at bottom left


Here is a complete source code - File:WmDev


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