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The fax line status can be returned in a packaged CTelephony::TCallStatusV1. It represents states such as Idle, Dialling, Ringing, Answering, On-Hold etc.This is a synchronous call and cannot be cancelled.

And you cannot receive notification when the data line's status changes.

CTelephony* telephony = CTelephony::NewLC();
CTelephony::TCallStatusV1 callStatusV1;
CTelephony::TCallStatusV1Pckg callStatusV1Pckg( callStatusV1 );
CTelephony::TPhoneLine line = CTelephony::EFaxLine;
telephony->GetLineStatus( line, callStatusV1Pckg );
CTelephony::TCallStatus faxLineStatus = callStatusV1.iStatus;
CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy( telephony );

ETal Fax

ETel fax provides support to:

  • Send and receive faxes to or from an Symbian OS fax store file. The etel fax API also provides error handling and progress reporting functionality.

The APIs used for fax here are:

  • CReadFaxFile used for reading fax file
  • CWriteFaxFile used for adding and storing fax files.

To know the usage of the above read fax and write fax APIs follow the links given below:

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