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How to know the present input mode

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Created: huwell (28 Jun 2007)
Last edited: hamishwillee (08 May 2013)
By pressing the hash (#) key event, it is possible to toggle the input mode of the currently focused editor between normal and numeric modes.

The input mode will be hidden when you create a full screen window.

In this case, how to know the present input mode?

void CEditorContainer::GetInputMode() const
struct S_uid:
public TUid
S_uid(int i) { iUid = i; }
MAknEditingStateIndicator *ei = CAknEnv::Static()->EditingStateIndicator();
if (ei != NULL)
CAknIndicatorContainer *ic = ei->IndicatorContainer();
else if(ic->IndicatorState(S_uid(EAknNaviPaneEditorIndicatorUpperCase)))
else if(ic->IndicatorState(S_uid(EAknNaviPaneEditorIndicatorTextCase)))
else if(ic->IndicatorState(S_uid(EAknNaviPaneEditorIndicatorNumberCase)))
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