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How to launch Nokia Store client from Java ME

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This article explains how to launch Nokia Store client from a Java ME MIDlet.

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Launching Nokia Store from within your application can be very useful:

  • Asking the user to rate your application, which will convert in getting more downloads from store.
  • Giving links of your other applications that the user can follow direct to the store to download them.

The approach generally used is to launch Nokia Store URL in the device's web browser: the operating system then takes care of launching Nokia Store. This solution works perfectly on Symbian but for Series 40 the mobile web browser doesn't open the store - instead it just opens the app page in mobile browser itself.

The following sections provide more detail.


In Symbian, launching the store is straight forward. All we need to do is invoke the application URL in the mobile web browser and that will take care of launching the Nokia Store client. We do this using the platformRequest(appurl) as shown below:

String appurl = "";
bool retVal = platformRequest(appurl)

The return value of platformRequest gives the status of the application. If true the application will continue to run, and if false the application will close.

Series 40

For Series 40, there is no generic method to launch Nokia store client from Java ME on Series 40. However if an application is Manufacturer Signed then we can use the javaapp locator to launch the Nokia store midlet:

bool retVal = platformRequest("javaapp:midlet-name=NokiaStore;midlet-vendor=Nokia);

The method described for Symbian (invoke the browser using platformRequest method) opens the URL in the browser. While the app can then be downloaded from this page (meeting the use cases described in introduction), this is not as effective as opening the Nokia Store client.


This article shows how to launch the Nokia Store client from Java ME on Symbian. It also explains the options on Series 40.


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