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How to localize Symbian application using Get Localization

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Created: pmuilu (23 Apr 2010)
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What is Get Localization

Get Localization ( is a platform to translate applications using crowd-sourcing or professionals. It provides web interface for developers and translators to manage and validate strings.

Dynamic translation

Get Localization provides API's to fetch latest available languages and strings. This allows developers to download additional language packs dynamically instead of using clumsy resource and loc files. This also means that you don't need all the languages ready by launch, they are visible automatically to your application when ever they are ready.

Get Localization GLToolkit project contains an example for Symbian as well. Source code and tutorial is available at Google Code:

Loc files support

You can upload also your existing loc files to system in case you've them already available, it's easy to get started. Both syntaxes are supported:

rls_string qtn_logical_string "Logical String"


#define qtn_logical_string "Logical String"

And in case you want to build strings into your application instead of using dynamic API, system will generate localization files so you can just download them.

Qt support

You can also import and export Qt and many other localization files.

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