How to make a network connection using a selected Destination Network in J2me

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How to make a network connection using a selected Destination Network in Java ME?


Use IAPInfo API 1.0, available on devices with Java Runtime 1.4 to access Internet Access point and Destination Network information from the native database and use it with GCF, by appending the selected Destination Network's ID to the URL before passing it to Java Generic Connection Framework.

Sample Code


import com.nokia.mid.iapinfo.*;

Get DN id & make connection

public StreamConnection getConnection(String DN_Name, String url) throws Exception
//Obtain IAPInfo object by factory
IAPInfo iapinfo = IAPInfo.getIAPInfo();
//Get Destination Network
DestinationNetwork dn = iap.getDestinationNetwork(DN_Name);
//Make connection using selected Destination Network, selected Destination Network's ID is append to URL which is passed to GCF
StreamConnection sc = (StreamConnection)Connector.open(dn.getURL(url));
return sc;


Check your target device spec's (http://www.developer.nokia.com/Devices/Device_specifications/?filter1=all) for support of IAPInfo API on it before using it.

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