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How to manage landmark categories

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Created: Den123 (26 May 2008)
Last edited: hamishwillee (26 Jul 2012)

The following code snippet demonstrates how to append selected categories to the specified landmark

It is necessary to include the following headers:

#include <clmkcategoryselectordlg.h>
#include <tlmkitemiddbcombiinfo.h>

And link against:

LIBRARY lmkcommonui.lib
LIBRARY eposlandmarks.lib
LIBRARY lbs.lib


CPosLandmark* lm = ... // specify your landmark
// prepare dialog
CLmkCategorySelectorDlg * selectCategoriesDlg = CLmkCategorySelectorDlg :: NewL( ETrue );
selectCategoriesDlg->SetMopParent( this );
RArray< TLmkItemIdDbCombiInfo > arrCategories;
CleanupClosePushL( arrCategories );
// select array of categories
if( selectCategoriesDlg->ExecuteLD( arrCategories ) != 0 )
for( int i = 0; i < arrCategories.Count(); i++ )
// get current category ID
TPosLmItemId categoryId = arrCategories[ i ].GetItemId();
if( categoryId != KPosLmNullItemId )
lm->AddCategoryL( categoryId );
delete arrCategories[0].GetLmDb(); // fixing memory leak
CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // arrCategories

And the following code snippet demonstrates how to remove all categories from the specified landmark:

CPosLandmark* lm = ... // specify your landmark
RArray< TPosLmItemId > categories;
// read all landmark categories
lm->GetCategoriesL( categories );
for( int i = 0; i < categories.Count(); i++ )
TPosLmItemId categoryId = categories[ i ];
// remove current category
lm->RemoveCategory( categoryId );

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