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How to play a beep in MIDP 1.0 without other API

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MIDP 1.0
Created: firt (15 Apr 2007)
Last edited: lpvalente (13 Dec 2013)

This article demonstrates an alternate method to play beeps in MIDP 1.0 devices.

If you are developing a MIDP 1.0 application for older devices, you don't have access to additional APIs (like Nokia UI API and MMAPI) you don't have access to any multimedia feature.

But, with this trick, you can try to beep the user. You don't have control of how the beep works, and if the beep works. But, you can try it, and it is 100% MIDP 1.0 compatible.

The trick is to use the AlertType class to call the sound that the phone's UI use when shows an alert of some type, for example, Error.

So, the code is:

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