How to resolve 302 Redirect Status

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Created: qiangsir (16 Nov 2007)
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There is a default filter for redirect, so you must remove it to resolve 302 redirection. Otherwise you cannot receive 302 redirect header,location is null.

RHTTPFilterCollection filtColl = iSession.FilterCollection();
RStringF filterName = iSession.StringPool().StringF(HTTP::ERedirect,RHTTPSession::GetTable());
filtColl.RemoveFilter( filterName );
The Location header value in EGotResponseHeader event and you can do as below
RStringF location = iSession.StringPool().StringF(HTTP::ELocation,RHTTPSession::GetTable());
RHTTPHeaders responseHeaders( aTransaction.Response().GetHeaderCollection() );
THTTPHdrVal locationValue;
if( responseHeaders.GetField(location, 0, locationValue) == KErrNone )
TBuf8<255> urides( locationValue.StrF().DesC() );
TUriParser8 uri;
uri.Parse( urides );
iTransaction.Request().SetURIL( uri );
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