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How to retrieve the screen resolution

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Devices(s): N78
Platform(s): S60 3rd,3rd FP1,3rd Fp2
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Created: lming (01 Nov 2008)
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This snippet demonstrates how to retrieve the screen resolution of S60 3rd and later devices. This snippet can be self-signed.

Use case

screen resolution of S60 3rd and later devices can be 176x208,240x320,352x416 and 208x208(Nokia 5500). The application could detect the screen resolution, then adapting itself accordingly, for example, loading an optimized image for the device.

Source file

//necessary library
//necessary header file
#include <HAL.h>
#include <hal_data.h>
//displayXPixels contains X of screen resolution
TInt displayXPixels;
//retrieve EDisplayXPixels value of this phone
HAL::Get( HALData::EDisplayXPixels, displayXPixels );
//displayYPixelscontains Y of screen resolution
TInt displayYPixels;
//retrieve EDisplayYPixels value of this phone
HAL::Get( HALData::EDisplayYPixels, displayYPixels );

The HAL API, may or may not be supported on some devices, as there have been some instances reported, where the HAL has not worked.The following code snippets shows the calculation of Screen Resolution for S60 3rd edition(MR,FP1,FP2) & for S60 5th edition devices as well:

TInt WidthOfScreen = CEikonEnv::Static()->EikAppUi()->ApplicationRect().Width();
TInt heightOfScreen = CEikonEnv::Static()->EikAppUi()->ApplicationRect().Height();

CWsScreenDevice* screenDevice = CEikonEnv::Static()->ScreenDevice();
const TSize& screensize = screenDevice->SizeInPixels();
TInt WidthOfScreen = screensize.iWidth;
TInt heightOfScreen = screensize.iHeight;


The displayXPixels variable contains the screen width and the displayYPixels variable contains the screen height. On a N78, these values would be 240 and 320, respectively.

The WidthOfScreen variable is the width of screen & variable heightOfScreen is the height respectively, so for 5800ExpressMusic, these values would be 360 & 640 respectively.

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