How to send message to a specified application

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#include <apacmdln.h>  
#include <apgcli.h>
#include <apgtask.h>
#include <e32std.h>
#include <w32std.h>

Sending Custom message to a specified application

* @param aApplicationUid :- Uid of the application to which the message needs to be send
* @param aExternalMessage:- A Message to be sent to the application

// Sends message to the specified application
TInt SendingMessageToAppL( const TUid& aApplicationUid, const TDesC8& aExternalMessage )
RWsSession windowSession;
User::LeaveIfError( windowSession.Connect() );
TApaTaskList apataskList( windowSession);
TApaTask apatask = taskList.FindApp( aApplicationUid );
const TUid KOpenCreateUid = { KUidApaMessageSwitchCreateFileValue };
TInt pseudoCode = apatask.SendMessage( KOpenCreateUid ,aExternalMessage );
return pseudoCode;

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