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How to send protected objects and Sis File via Bluetooth from Symbian 3rd edition devices

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Created: kavitaobhan (17 Nov 2007)
Last edited: hamishwillee (30 May 2013)

When anyone thinks of sending a *.sis or *.jar file from symbian 3rd edition device to any other device via the send method he gets the nasty Unable to send protected objects message from the system

Need for sending the protected files

When u want to distribute some freeware tools or applications to some one you have met in a public place and u don't have a personal computer in front of you. At that time sending a protected files directly from the device seems the best and the smart way.

How to configure your device to send the Protected object directly

Solution 1, for end-users

Install the YBrowser application. This file manager supports several plug-ins (separate install packages) among which the BtObex sender which will allow you to send those protected files.

Unfortunately actual versions of Y-browser only work for S60 3rd edition. If you need an application for previous S60 editions you could try X-plore , which seems to do the job as well.

Warning.pngWarning: Receiving SIS files from untrusted sources exposes your device to considerable security risks. You should set your Bluetooth discoverability to "Hidden" and only accept files that have been explicitly requested by you.

Solution 2, for application developers

Study the S60 Platform Bluetooth OBEX Example v1.0 example published on Nokia Developer's web site.

Api's used for sending protected objects

BtObex api's are used for send protected objects from device to device

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