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How to sign applications for RDA devices using a RDA specific developer certificate

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Use the method described in this article to sign your application for testing on any Symbian device connected to the Nokia Developer hosted Remote device access (aka RDA) service. The certificate includes the IMEIs of all RDA devices by default, so you will only need to sign your installation package once and it should work across the devices.

Keep in mind that the provided RDA developer certicate is only intended for RDA use/testing phase and does not work elsewhere. The certificate includes all Symbian capabilities except those that require manufacturer approval (so AllFiles, DRM & TCB are excluded).

Note the signing process described here works only for .sis packages, it does not apply to MIDlets or any other content types

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As of August 12, 2014, Remote Device Access is no longer available. Therefore this article is obsolete.)



1. Login to the RDA with your Nokia Developer username, go to “Phones”-view and click the “Download dev cert for RDA devices” button. The resulting contains rda_certificate.der, rda_private-key.pem and rda_cert.sisx files. The certificate and key files you’ll be needing in any case, the rda_cert.sisx is for installing the certificate on the remote device (see Troubleshooting for details).

Rda cert1.jpg

Additionally you’ll need signsis (it is included with the Symbian SDK). If you are using command line for the signing the syntax is the normal “signsis myUnsignedApp.sis mySignedApp.sisx rda_certificate.der rda_private-key.pem”. The RDA developer certificate is updated whenever changes are made to the RDA device base, so make sure you always download the up to date version of the certificate before proceeding with signing/testing.

Rda cert2.jpg

Alternatively for example Qt Creator provides an option to sign your application at the build step. In that case you’d just select the “custom certificate” option and define the certificate location there.

Rda cert3.jpg

2. Now the application (Sensors_5x.sisx in this example case) should be installable to RDA devices. Reserve a wanted test device and install the application to the device.

Rda cert4.jpg

3. Application installed ok!

Rda cert5.jpg


If you face installation problems, the first thing to do is to make sure is that the phone date and time settings are correct.

Secondly you should verify that up to date root certificate version is present on the device. Check this by navigating the menu to Settings -> Phone -> Phone Management -> Security Settings -> Authority Certificates. The certificate should be listed with name "RDCert1" (the currrent valid version is RDCert1 RDA_testing-10212488-4). If it's missing you will need to use the the included “rda_cert.sisx” to install it to the device yourself.

If there is already a "Nokia R&D certificate provisioner" application installed on the device, but a valid root certificate version is still missing, first uninstall the certificate provisioner application from the device and only then use the provided rda_cert.sisx to install the root certificate to the device. After that the process should work.

If you face other related issues, you report them to the RDA admin (

Rda cert6.jpg

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