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Created: hor255 (19 Mar 2007)
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To skin icons in the Carbide.ui, that are not defined there by default, choose from the menu:


On the left side choose: Carbide.ui->Third Party Icons

Specify the Application UID and Name. The UID identifies the icon in the phone, the Name will be only displayed in the Carbide.ui (it does not change the name on the phone).

Here are some of the UIDs of Nokia applications and applications that are very often pre-installed in the device that are not predefined in the Carbide.ui, in alphabetical order:

  • Adobe Reader 20001bb9
  • Flash Player 101fd693
  • Snakes 10208a45
  • Sports Tracker e4935e8
  • Team Suite 101f8f3c
  • Tutorial 10208a86
  • Wellness Diary e4935ea
  • WLAN wizard 10281ceb
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