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How to sort elements of RArray and RPointerArray

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Created: savaj (10 Mar 2009)
Last edited: hamishwillee (03 Dec 2012)
Objects stored in RArray or RPointer array can be easily sorted inplace based on a custom ordering algorithm. To achieve this developer needs to define a custom ordering function that compares two instances of the stored objects and returns an integer based on the comparison. To sort a RArray/RPointerArray simply pass this function to the RArray/RPointerArray::Sort function by packaging it in a TLinearOrder object. Following example shows how to sort RPointerArray, similarly we can sort RArray.
//declaration of class.
class CPerson: public CBase
// other functions are removed for sake of simplicity.
/** Sort Order By Name**/
static const TLinearOrder<CPerson> KSortOrderByName;
/**Comparator Function for sort by name**/
static TInt CompareByName( const CPerson& aNameOne,const CPerson& aNameTwo );
/**instance data*/
HBufC* iName;
/**initialize the sort order to use CPerson::CompareByName*/
const TLinearOrder<CPerson> CPerson::KSortOrderByName(CPerson::CompareByName);
/**comparision function, it compare two names.*/
TInt CPerson::CompareByName( const CPerson& aNameOne, const CPerson& aNameTwo )
return aNameOne.iName->Des().CompareC( aNameTwo.iName->Des() );
//the pointer array in to be sorted
RPointerArray<CPerson> elementArray;
//assuming we created all objects of class CPerson sucessfully.
//sorting elementArray by name.
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