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How to start and stop exe using Symbian C++

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Created: giridharn (16 May 2007)
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To start a exe

Symbian OSv9, for View-based application

#include <apgcli.h> // link against apgrfx.lib
const TUid KAppUid={0x12345678};
TThreadId app_threadid;
RApaLsSession ls;
TInt err=ls.StartDocument(KDocName, KAppUid, app_threadid);

Symbian OS v9, RProcess

#include <apgcli.h> // link against apgrfx.lib
_LIT(KMyExeFileCmd,"first_argument second third");
RProcess proc;
// start the process running! Don't forget this.
proc.Close(); // Closes the handle, not the process.

Symbian OS v9, for Server or Console application

#include <apgcli.h> // link against apgrfx.lib
#include <apacmdln.h> // link against apparc.lib
TThreadId app_threadid;
CApaCommandLine* cmdLine;
cmdLine->SetCommandL( EApaCommandRun );
RApaLsSession ls;
TInt err=ls.StartApp(*cmdLine,app_threadid);
CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // cmdLine

Symbian OS v8 and earlier

#include <eikdll.h>
TInt err = EikDll::StartExeL(_L("c:\\system\\apps\\test.exe"));

To stop it

First, you need to find the process

On Symbian OS v9, process name is in the following format:

<name>[<UID3>]<instance number>

where: <name> - the name of executable or the name of Console - so remember it can be changed;

<UID3> - UID3 of executable, in lowercase HEX, 8 digits, always the same;

<instance number> - instance number, 4 digits, starting from 0001. For example name of kernel process is:



Warning.pngWarning: Killing a process is bad practice as the internal state of the process and of the resources it might have open cannot be controlled. It is recommended that your implement a communication mechanism that would allow you to tell your daemon to release the reserved resources and then exit.

Note: For S60 3rd Edition development, you are required the PowerMgmt capability to achieve this task.

TFindProcess processFinder(_L("test.exe*")); // by name, case-sensitive
//TFindProcess processFinder(_L("*[12345678]*")); // by UID3 - in hex lowercase.
TFullName result;
RProcess processHandle;
while ( processFinder.Next(result) == KErrNone)
User::LeaveIfError(processHandle.Open ( result, EOwnerThread));

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