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How to upgrade your N810 WiMax Internet tablet

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This article explains how to upgrade the N810 Internet Tablet firmware.

There is a new firmaware upgrade for the N810 WiMax Internet Tablet.

The upgrade using Linux is quite complicated and needs to load via the N810 WiMax Lan Mac address N810 WiMax here.

There are Linux support downloads for N810 and the N800. The upgrade path is complex under Linux. This is discussed in the article Updating the tablet firmaware using Linux at the site. Using Linux to upgrade the firmware requires "root" to set up the USB drivers and mount paths to back up data your Internet Tablet. This requires knowledge and space for Linux backups which are skills the user is assumed to have.

Upgrading N810 WiMax using Windows

The more simpler way to upgrade is to use Windows (tm). The upgrade of the N810 WiMax is similar to that of a mobile phone and much simpler than the Linux upgrade.

The Nokia N810 WiMax support page is where to start.

Here you can download the user manual to find how to back up your data the N810 tablet.

If you have set a security PIN remove this pin and reset back to default "12345".

Then check your version and upgrade software. Download the "Nokia Internet Tablet Software Update Wizard". Follow the instructions on web page. Make sure the N810 is fully charged. The N810 is powered off initially when powered on and the blue progress bar appears along the bottom then click the continue button on the "Nokia Internet Tablet Software Update Wizard" and the unit will be put into firmware upgrade operation.

This may require two attempts, the first one will load the USB firmware boot loader drivers. Just power off the N810 one the main screen is displayed. The firmware upgrader cannot load if the main display is now visible.

When complete the device will reboot. The default PIN is 12345 and is requested during the upgrade.

Finally the N810 will reboot and you will need to re-enter the WLAN router security details


The quickest and simplest way is to use a Windows PC as the updgrade is automatic and does not need the entry of Wlan MAC serial numbers. The data needs to be restored from backup made earlier and programs reinstalled.

Useful Applications

Finding applications via internet can be difficult therefore we need to add more Catalogue Name.
In Application manager using the menu in top left corner Go down to the Tools menu and select Application Catalogue.
Tap "New" in Catalogue Name put "maemo Extras".
Tap "Web Address" and put in "".
Tap "Components" put "free non-free".
Tap "Ok". Tap "Close". Tap on the "Check for Updates"
Tap on "Browse for Updates".
Lots of third party applications can now be found.

This list is those applications found to be useful for OS2008.

Personal Menu really useful easy to configure sits on the left bar making a pop up of your most useful applications.

pygtkeditor This editor can color highlight syntax code when you select the coding language.

unzip very useful for extracting zipped files and for working with Web RunTime (WRT .wgz) files. This file associates with .zip so all you need is a double tap in OS2008 file explorer to uncompress files.

WifiInfo This displays the nearby Wifi networks and your current Wifi connection.

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