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How to use CEikLabel

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This code snippet demonstrates how to use CEikLabel control, how to set font, how to set font color and how to wrap text in label.

MMP File.

Following library need to be added in mmp file.

LIBRARY eikcoctl.lib gdi.lib

Header File.

Add following line to your header file.

CEikLabel* iLabel;
CArrayFix<TPtrC>* iTextArray; //for creating multiline label.
HBufC* iMultiLineText; // //for creating multiline label.

Source File.

Add following header file in your source file.

#include <eiklabel.h>
#include <aknutils.h>
#include <gulcolor.h>
#include <GDI.H>

Add following source code in ConstructL() method.

const CFont* font = CCoeEnv::Static()->NormalFont();
iTextArray = new CArrayFixFlat<TPtrC>(1);
iMultiLineText = HBufC::NewL(0);
iLabel = new (ELeave) CEikLabel;
iLabel->SetContainerWindowL( *this );
//Set your custom font here.
//wrapping text to set in label.
TBuf<100> buffer;
buffer.Copy(_L("Testing long label in symbian OS c++."));
TInt screenWidth = 240 ; // set width as per your requirement.
AknTextUtils::WrapToArrayL(buffer, screenWidth,*font, *iTextArray);
TInt Height = 0; //to set height of label.[[Category:Symbian C++]]
for (TInt i = 0; i < iTextArray->Count(); i++)
TInt length = iTextArray->At(i).Length() + 1;
iMultiLineText = iMultiLineText->ReAllocL(iMultiLineText->Length() + length);
Height += font->HeightInPixels() + font->AscentInPixels()/2;
// setting font color to red.
iLabel->OverrideColorL( EColorLabelTextEmphasis, KRgbRed );
iLabel->SetEmphasis( CEikLabel::EPartialEmphasis );
//set position of label.
iLabel->SetPosition(TPoint(0, 20));
//set size of label.

Add the following code in the destructor to delete all used variables.

delete iLabel;
delete iTextArray;
delete iMultiLineText;

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