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Warning.pngWarning: Cross platform Qt Mobility APIs have superseded most Mobile Extension APIs. Where possible, you should use the Mobility APIs in preference.

Note also that the instructions in this article may be out of date. See Using Symbian C++ in the Qt SDK for more information.

The (deprecated) Mobile Extension APIs are delivered as source code and should be added as a part of your Qt project. You can download latest Mobile Extension APIs from Archived:Mobile Extensions. As Mobile Extension APIs are source code, you need not have to run installer for installation. You can use Mobile Extension APIs in two ways. Either Use Mobile Extension APIs by copying files Or Use Mobile Extension APIs through Carbide.C++ templates.



  • Download and install the Qt SDK.

Use Mobile Extension APIs by copying files

You can also use Mobile Extension APIs by directly copying files to your project. For that you have to copy source files from respective extension directory. For example to use Telephony API extension go to src directory (..\Mobile_extensions_preview_2\extensions\telephony\src) of telephony directory in preview package, copy and past all files to your project. After that modify your .pro file as per implementation notes, you will find implementation notes in documentation. For that check ../Mobile_extensions_preview_2/doc/index.html and then click on Telephony API > Telephony API implementation notes.

Use Mobile Extension APIs through Carbide.C++ templates

It is not mandatory to use the Carbide templates, but it is easy to use the Carbide.c++ templates. For using templates, copy the com.forum.nokia.templates_extensions.jar file from ..\Mobile_extensions_preview_2\extensions directory of your downloaded package and past it into the Carbide.c++ plugins directory (for example D:\Program Files\Nokia\Carbide.c++ 2.0\plugins). This plugin allows you to access source classes that you downloaded from preview package.

After installation you can use it in your application as follows.

Select sub menu Symbian OS C++ Class from From menu File > New > Symbian OS C++ Class


Select the project for which you want to add the Extension API


Specify the name and location of the generated source and header files, for example MyExtendedClass here


Select the extension you want to use, for example Telephony API extension

Note: Copy the last line from Extension note and past them in your .pro file. for example copy "symbian:LIBS += -letel3rdparty" and past it to .pro file for Telephony API extension.


Specify other properties of the generated files, Enter whatever information you want here and then click Finish


This will generates following files in your project ( for Telephony API extension) in your project, Now you can use Exteded API.


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