How to use UI Designer in Carbide.c++

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How To Use UI Design Editor In Carbide.C++

Use the UI Design Editor shown in Figure 1 to edit your UI designs and their associated data. The views used by the UI Designer include:

ui design view - used for designing application views includes these regions:

1. A layout region for showing components that are always visible in the design. Controls and list components fit this category.

2. A non-layout region for showing components that is not visible in the design or appears when called by your code. Menus and web client components fit into this category.

3. A Palette pane provides a list of the components that you can add to the application interface.

Palette view - displays components from the baseline SDK that you can use to create UI designs

Outline view - displays a hierarchical view of the objects in your UI designs

Properties view - displays the parameters of the objects in your UI designs for examination or modification


Figure 1 - The UI Design Editor and its most commonly user supporting views

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