Installing Raptor (Symbian build system 2) for Symbian^3 SDK

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This article explains how to install Raptor, the replacement to Symbian's old abld build system, for the Symbian^3 SDK. Note that these instructions are not needed for the Qt SDK as Raptor is preinstalled and pre-configured.

  1. Raptor use GCCE 4.4.1 compiler for phone builds. Download it from here. Install symbian-adt-4.4-172-arm-none-symbianelf.exe.
  2. You need to set SBS_GCCE441BIN environment variable to installation of GCCE 4.4.1 installation. e.g.
    My computer->Properties->Advanced ->Environment Variables->New
    Variable name->SBS_GCCE441BIN
    Variable value-> C:\Program Files\CodeSourcery\Sourcery G++ Lite\bin
  3. Go to "epoc32\tools\sbs" folder in your sdk, and install sbs-2.14.2.
  4. Add these alias to <SBS Installation Dir>\lib\config\arm.xml
    <alias name="gcce_urel" meaning="arm.v5.urel.gcce4_4_1"/>
    <alias name="gcce_udeb" meaning="arm.v5.udeb.gcce4_4_1"/>
  5. GCCE 4.4.1 is strict with coding standards, hence throws compilation errors. To suppress these errors set -fpermissive against CC_ERRORS_CONTROL_OPTION in <SBS Installation Dir>\lib\config\gcce.xml. For Example:
    <set name="CC_ERRORS_CONTROL_OPTION" value="-fpermissive"/>
  6. When processing svg files , sbs gives an error about "epoc32\tools\makefile_templates\s60\mifconv.mk" not found. This is due to , the corresponding template files are missing. Install those from here File:Mifconv makefile templates.zip.

Your sbs installation is ready to use with Carbide++ or Qt Creator.

Tip.pngTip: Detailed documentation for SBSv2 is provided in the document "Raptor Build System", and the "Raptor Quick Reference"article just gives a brief overview of the syntax and how it compares with abld. Both of these documents are reproduced in the word document inside the root of File:Raptor-project.zip.

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