Inter Process Communication in Symbian

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Inter Process Communicaton

Sometime communication between two processes requires to accomplish a task. Symbian OS provides client-server architecture for IPC.

Read the following sections for more theoretical explanation.

Lets take an example of communication between two applications, ClientApplication and ServerApplication.


  • Create a class and derive it from RSessionBase.
  • Create Session with server using RSessionBase::CreateSession(). //for creating session server must be running on there side.
  • Send messege through RSessionBase::SendReceive(). // first parameter is message id, second is message.


  • Create a class and derive it from CServer2 and CSession2.
  • Start a server using CSever2::StartL().
  • Create a session with CServer2::NewSessionL().
  • Receive message in CSession2::ServiceL().

Note: For second edition use CServer,CSharableSession instead of CSever2 and CSession2.

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