Java Runtime 1.0.0 for Series 40 Release Notes

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SDK: Nokia SDK 1.0 for Java or newer
Devices(s): Series 40 devices with Java Runtime 1.0.0 for Series 40
Created: r2j7 (13 Jan 2012)
Updated: r2j7 (13 Jan 2012)
Reviewed: r2j7 (13 Jan 2012)
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General description of the release

Main new features:

  • Nokia-specific extension class LocationUtil for Location API (JSR-179) which allows selecting positioning technology including cell ID and WLAN
  • Networking and device capabilities made available via new Nokia-specific system properties
  • UI enhancements: more application customization (startup screen, font size)

List of new features

Application framework

  • MIDlets can use the following new Nokia-specific system properties:
    • com.nokia.mid.batterylevel
    • com.nokia.mid.countrycode
    • com.nokia.mid.networkavailability
    • com.nokia.mid.networksignal
    • com.nokia.mid.networkstatus
    • com.nokia.mid.ui.customfontsize
  • MIDlets can use the following new Nokia-specific system properties only on dual-SIM devices:
    • com.nokia.multisim.cellid.sim1 and com.nokia.multisim.cellid.sim2
    • com.nokia.multisim.lac.sim1 and com.nokia.multisim.lac.sim2
    • com.nokia.multisim.mnc.sim1 and com.nokia.multisim.mnc.sim2
    • com.nokia.multisim.networkavailability.sim1 and com.nokia.multisim.networkavailability.sim2
    • com.nokia.multisim.networkid.sim1 and com.nokia.multisim.networkid.sim2
    • com.nokia.multisim.networksignal.sim1 and com.nokia.multisim.networksignal.sim2
    • com.nokia.multisim.networkstatus.sim1 and com.nokia.multisim.networkstatus.sim2
  • MIDlets can now use the following pre-existing Nokia-specific system properties in all protection domains:
    • com.nokia.mid.cellid
    • com.nokia.mid.imei
    • com.nokia.mid.lac
    • com.nokia.mid.mnc
    • com.nokia.mid.networkid

UI and graphics



Invoking applications


Devices using this release

For more information about Series 40 devices which use Java Runtime 1.0.0 for Series 40, see the device specifications page on Nokia Developer web site here: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Devices/Device_specifications/?filter1=javaRuntime1.0.0. The support for Java Runtime can be checked for each device by clicking the 'APIs' tab when viewing a device specification.


Nokia SDK 1.0 for Java is the first SDK for Series 40 which supports the development for Series 40 devices with Java Runtime 1.0.0 for Series 40. The SDK can be downloaded from Nokia Developer site here: https://www.developer.nokia.com/info/sw.nokia.com/id/4a94a6d5-c7f4-487f-b1d0-c9f269030dc1/Nokia_SDK_for_Java.html

More information

For more information about the new features in Java Runtime 1.0.0 for Series 40, see Java Developer's Library.

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