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== Introduction ==

libglib provides many useful data types, macros, type conversions, string utilities, file utilities, a main loop abstraction etc.

The general policy of Glib is that all functions are invisibly thread-safe with the exception of data structure manipulation functions, where, if you have two threads manipulating the same data structure, they must use a lock to synchronize their operation.


Additions in MMP File

In order to build an Open C application based on libglib"

  • Include glib headers as system include:
        SYSTEMINCLUDE \epoc32\include\stdapis\glib-2.0


Process spawning: No parent-child relationship. Some functionalities of g_spawn* APIs are not supported.


A 3rd-party application does not need any capabilities in order to use the libglib APIs. But there exists exceptions for the GIOChannel APIs: NetworkServices and NetworkControl are required for GIOChannel APIs. And PowerMgmt and ProtServ are required for libgthread.

glib API Categories

The following are glib API Categories:

  • Arrays
  • Asynchronous Queues
  • Atomic Operations
  • Automatic String Completion
  • Balanced Binary Trees
  • Basic Types
  • Byte Arrays
  • Byte Order Macros
  • Caches
  • Character Set Conversion
  • Commandline option parser
  • Datasets
  • Date and Time Functions
  • Double-ended Queues
  • Doubly Linked lists
  • Dynamic Loading of Modules
  • Error Reporting
  • File Utilities
  • Glob-style pattern matching
  • Hash Tables
  • Hook Functions
  • Internationalization
  • IO Channels
  • Keyed Data Lists
  • Key-value file parser
  • Lexical Scanner
  • Limits of Basic Type
  • Memory Allocation
  • Memory Allocators
  • Memory Chunks
  • Memory Slices
  • Message Logging
  • Message Output and Debugging
  • Miscellaneous Macros
  • Miscellaneous Utility Functions
  • N-ary Trees
  • Numerical Definitions
  • Pointer Arrays
  • Quarks
  • Random Numbers
  • Relations and Tuples
  • Shell-related Utilities
  • Simple XML Subset Parser
  • Singly Linked Lists
  • Spawning Processes
  • Standard Macros
  • Strings
  • String Chunks
  • String Utility Functions
  • The Main Event Loop
  • Threads
  • Thread Pools
  • Timers
  • Trash Stacks
  • Type Conversion Macros
  • Unicode Manipulation
  • Version Information


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