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Lights Off The Original Game - app showcase

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Created: grabberslasher (09 Feb 2012)
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Lights Off is a simple game brought to Symbian from iOS, and rewritten entirely in Qt Quick. This article provides a brief overview of the game and issues from porting it to QML

The game features beautiful graphics and animation (I may be biased!). The entire app logic is QML and JavaScript (no C), and was originally built for the MeeGo Harmattan-based Nokia N9. It was designed against the Harmattan/Belle guidelines, and features an Anna/Belle-ready icon on Symbian. The great thing about QML is 99.5% of the application logic can be shared across Symbian and Harmattan.

Problem Areas

Qt Quick was quite fascinating to work with, as it seems really performant across both Harmattan and Symbian. I did have some issues with using pure QML and JavaScript for the app logic - for example I had to create QTimers for my animations instead of being able to use something like JavaScript's setTimeout. This adds an additional layer of overhead and took quite a bit of head scratching to figure out initially (as someone completely new to QML, but proficient in most other languages). All in all, everything worked out really well and I'm very pleased with the result.


LightsOff-1.jpg LightsOff-2.jpg LightsOff-3.jpg

Application Icon

LightsOff-Icon64 3.png

Link to Nokia Store

"Lights Off - The Original Game" can be found on the Nokia Store at

Note.pngNote: This is an entry in the Symbian Qt Quick Components Competition 2012Q1

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