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Created: Den123 (28 Jun 2007)
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String Literals are consructed via the _LIT macro. The macro take two params:

  • literal name
  • pointer to the NULL-terminated string

Simple example:

_LIT( KMyLiteral, "My string literal" );

Literals are stored as TLitC objects - they are not actually descriptors themselves, but they can be converted to descriptors:

// operator()
TInt len = KMyLiteral().Length()
// operator&
const TDesC& ptr = &KMyLiteral;
// implicitly operator const TDesC16&() const
void YouFunc( const TDesC& aParam )
YouFunc( KMyLiteral );

Some old examples in SDK can contain macro _L for literals constructing. Now this macro is deprecated. Always create literals using _LIT !

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