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Logo statement in Symbian PKG file does not work as documented (Known Issue)

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Using the logo statement in the PKG file does not show the specified logo during installation.

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Devices(s): Nokia E61, Nokia N95, Nokia E90 Communicator, Nokia N78, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
Created: User:Technical writer 1 (24 Apr 2009)
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The PKG file format supports a statement that should allow developers to display a logo during the installation phase. The syntax of the statement is as follows:

//Logo to be displayed
="logo.jpg", "image/jpeg", "C:\data\logo.jpg" or 
="logo.mbm", "image/x-mbm","" // Doesn't transfer anything to target

The corresponding file is transferred to the target folder (C:\data\) but it does not launch the logo during installation.

How to reproduce

Add the following statement to the package file of an application and create/copy the logo.jpg file into the sis folder or the folder which contains the *.pkg file and try to install the application.

//Logo to be displayed
="logo.jpg", "image/jpeg", "C:\data\logo.jpg" 
  • Actual outcome: logo.jpg is not displayed during the installation of the .sisx file.
  • Expected outcome: The logo.jpg file should be displayed during installation.


Currently no solution exists.

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