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Logo styles

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Created: manikantan (12 Jun 2009)
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A logo is a bitmap image that identifies your product. Your product can be a game or a software or even some consultancy firm (in the general case).

A logo of any product is the one thing that first inspires or attracts a person to consume the product. A smart and good-looking logo acts as catalyst in marketing. Hence, a logo needs to be appealing and attractive.

Logo styles

There are different styles in logos. The top three mentioned here include:

1. Text Logo

These logos consist of the company/ product name (or even part of the name) in its bitmap. The best example to this, is the Nokia Developer logo shown below. It directly displays the name in a style of its own. However, the name dominates more than the style used.

Logo forumnokia.gif

2. Symbol logo

Next of the types is the symbol logo. This represent or project some attribute of the company/product. Or sometimes can be completely irrelevant, but in those conditions the bitmaps used are quite famous ones. These kinds of logos are used when the company has been highly successful or a hugely profit making. For example, Nike, that uses a highly irrelevant logo, but it's so ubiquitous that everyone knows its presence.


Another symbol logo that can be demonstrated is that of Apple and this has high level of relevance.


3. Combo logos

These kinds of logos have both a text and a graphic that together symbolize the product. A classic example can be that of Motorola.


Improvising logos

There are few popular ways to display a logo in general. When your application boots/loads or dependency files may be loading, you may display a screen that comprises the logo, company name, version (if applicable) and also the loaduing status. This can be observed when MS office is started, the logo is shown, manufacturer or creator of the product (Microsoft) is mentioned, and few other details. This applies also for Adobe Flash, when it loads.

In the last decade, ever since the Internet evolution started happening, logos started getting importance and their styling been continuously evolving. Logos are no longer ordinarily displayed. Logos now have a drop-out shadow, or a gloss added or sometimes even tint is manipulated according to the theme of it. Like Microsoft, has the Start button on all Windows PCs. The main logo is slightly modified such that overall it gets a fresh look.

One of the styles lately observed is the reflection-type logos, as shown below. The logo in shown across a dark black background such that the logos reflection appears on the virtual floor below. This has been highly appreciated by creative media persons all over the world and you may observe that its highly popular. Observe that the reflection appears only partially.


Another major logo styling is that duplication. This can be used when you want to show your product in a bossy way. It remarks majesty. This style was used in Device Central Cs4 version as shown below. Here, the same mobile is duplicated (with lesser alpha) and placed beside the original one.



Logos play an important role in reaching the market and the consumers/users. Logo design is a chief step and must identify your company/product in such a way that it is long-lasting in the user's mind. There are more designs styles that are popular and only few are discussed above.

--manikantan 12:43, 12 June 2009 (EEST)

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