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Scalable 2D Vector Graphics API

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Created: firt (14 Apr 2007)
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SVG API (JSR 226) is a great extension to Java ME that allows to develop the User Interface of the application in a more powerful way, using an SVG document. This API supports SVG Profile SVG Tiny, version 1.1.

With SVG you can design the user interface in any design software, like the ones from Adobe and place them inside the mobile screen using Java ME. SVG files are automatically scaled to the phone screen and can have hotspots areas where the user can browse and fires an event that can be captured by a Midlet.

This API adds the SVGImage and ScalableGraphics classes to manage SVG files. You can browse, add and remove elements from the graphics dynamically using Java and DOM.

A great doc titled MIDP: Scalable 2D Vector Graphics API Developer's Guide about this API is available on Nokia Developer.

There is also a new version of SVG API being specified JSR-287, which will support SVG Profile SVG Tiny, version 1.2.

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