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MIDP 3.0

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MIDP 3.0
Created: wang_shui (26 Mar 2007)
Last edited: lpvalente (10 Aug 2013)

MIDP 3.0 (JSR 271) is the enhanced version of MIDP 2.0. The MIDP 3.0 specification is based on the MIDP 2.1 specification. It provides backward compatibility with MIDP 2.1, where MIDlets written for MIDP 2.1 can execute in MIDP 3.0 environments.

Main enhancements

MIPP 3.0 enables and specifies proper behavior for MIDlets on each of CLDC, CDC, and OSGi, including:

  • Enable multiple concurrent MIDlets
  • Specify proper firewalling, runtime behaviors, and lifecycle management issues for MIDlets
  • Enable background MIDlets (faceless MIDlets with no UI)
  • Enable auto-launched MIDlets (started at device boot time)
    • Screen Saver MIDlets
  • Enable inter-MIDlet communications
  1. Enable shared libraries for MIDlets (LIBlets)
  2. Tighten spec in all areas to improve cross-device interoperability
  3. Increase functionality in all areas, including:
  • Improve UI expressability and extensibility
  • Better support for devices with larger displays
  • Enable MIDlets to draw to secondary display(s)
  • Enable richer and higher performance games
  • Secure RMS stores. Now with support for tags.
  • Removable/remote RMS stores
  • IPv6
  • Multiple network interfaces per device
  1. Specify standard ways for doing MIDlet provisioning through other means (e.g. OMA (SyncML) DM/DS, Bluetooth, removable media, MMS, JSR 232, etc.)
  2. Extensive device capabilities query
  3. Localization & Internationalization (if appropriate, integrating/augmenting JSR 238 as needed)

The main thing is that it will be an open source & also backwardly compatible to MIDP 2.0 applications.

JCP specification:-

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