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Created: ltomuta (17 Jun 2007)
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Note.pngNote: :This API is not part of the public SDK. It can be found in the SDK API Plug-in.


API Purpose

CMMFDevSound is the interface from Symbian OS to the raw audio functions on the device hardware.

DevSound is currently loaded as a DLL, and implements the VCR-type functions to be expected for such an interface.

The audio functions include the following functionality:

(i)Initialisation and configuration of hardware devices, for example, setting microphone gain, setting stereo balance and so on.

(ii)The playing and recording of raw audio data.

(iii)The playing and dynamic control of tones with user specified frequencies.

(iv)The playing of DTMF strings.

Use case

To stream and play an audio file( of type AMR ) from the local phone memory to the speaker.

Example project

Here is the URL for the basic DevSound player sample application, which demonstrates the following things:

(i) How to initialize the DevSound object.

(ii) How to load the audio data in to data buffers of DevSound.

(iii) How to handle the callbacks of the MDevSoundObserver class and play the audio content accordingly.

Note that the same application can be used to develop a DevSound recorder by implementing and initializing the DevSound object appropriately.

Known Issues

Archived:Audio stream is left in inconsistent state after a panic on S60 2nd Edition (Known Issue)

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