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Making use of the Nokia VoIP client

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VoIP solutions are replacing circuit-switched fixed voice in homes and offices. This trend has been especially prevalent in countries such as Japan and the United States, with similar developments emerging in France and several other European countries as well.

The next step in this evolution is the enablement of Voice over IP in mobile phones. With the introduction of the Nokia Voice over IP client, consumers will be able to make VoIP voice calls with their mobile phones – including internet calls. Making an internet call doesn't differ from making any other type of voice call. Support for VoIP makes mobile phones from Nokia more useful and multi-functional.

The client gives SIP-based VoIP service providers the ability to integrate their offerings into the familiar telephony functionality of mobile devices from Nokia.

Supported Phones

Nokia N80 Internet Edition was the first the first Nokia device to implement the Nokia Voice over IP client. Versions of the Nokia VoIP client are available on a range of Nokia Asha platform, Series 40 and Symbian phones, for more information see the wiki article VoIP support in Nokia devices.



For developers creating VoIP settings for Symbian phones the following tools are designed to simplify the creation and testing of settings:

Discussion Board

There is a dedicated discussion board for VoIP [here].

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