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DRM, TCB and AllFiles capabilities are granted by the phone manufacturer. Therefore, if your application requires any of these, and those have been granted by Nokia, you need to define the Nokia Manufacturer ID to the installation package. This will then be checked in the Symbian Signed testing.

The following is an example of a part of a PKG file:

;Supports S60 3rd Edition
[0x101F7961], 0, 0, 0, {"S603rdEditionProductID"}
IF manufacturer = 2  ; (2 is Nokia)
;This part will then contain the installation information about the
;files of the application
"badmanufacturer.txt"-"", FILETEXT, TEXTEXIT

In the example, the application can be installed to all S60 3rd Edition devices from Nokia. For more information, see S60 SDK Help and search for "Manufacturer ID".

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