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Maps Examples for Windows phone

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If you are looking for WP8 Maps Examples, you could find these same use case from Windows Phone 8 Maps Examples project

These Examples were tested on WP7.1 SDK emulator as well as on LG Quantum device. Note that in order to get these examples to work you do need to get Key from bingmapsportal and add that to the following places:

  1. with XAML files add it to the CredentialsProvider
  2. with cs files set it to String ApplicationId so it will be used with services


Hello Map

Basic map with kinetic panning and pinch zooming. Also includes menu options for disabling animations (disables kinetic panning as well), as well as disabling the map (makes it static).

Download example: Media:WP7

Map events

Show how different events can be captured, and which events are generated with different map changes.

Download example: Media:WP7

Map interaction

Show basic zooming and moving to different locations in the map as well as toggling map mode between street and Arial view. Download example: Media:WP7

Simple Map content

Shows how to add and remove Pushpins (markers), polyline and polygon to the Map, as well as how to Z-order then, toggle visibility of the map items. Example also shows how to zoom the map in order to fit the selected map content into the view.

Download example: Media:WP7

More Map content

Shows how to make rectangle & circle with polygon and how to add them into the map. Also shows differences adding ellipse & rectangle objects to the map (non-map objects). Download example: Media:WP7

Map markers

Shows how to personalize Pushpins, use Draggable Pushpins, add and remove PushPind individually as well as with layers

Download example: Media:WP7

Dynamic polyline

Shows how to add and remove markers to the map with click events, as well as how to dynamically add and remove points from polyline.

Download example: Media:WP7

My Map position

Shows how to use GeoCoordinateWatcher to get and monitor GPS position and how to show that on the map using circle polygon to show the accuracy of the position.

Download example: Media:WP7

Geo Coding

Simple example showing on how you can Geo code an address to a location utilizing the Geo coding service

Download example: Media:WP7

Reverse Geo coding

Simple example showing on how you can Reverse Geo code location from an address by utilizing the reverse Geo coding service

Download example: Media:WP7

Map search

Simple example showing how to do a simple text based search for places and show them in the map.

Download example: Media:WP7


Simple example showing how you can route between two points and show the route in a map. Start and end points are implemented with draggable pushpins.

Download example: Media:WP7

Maps Imagenary

Simple example showing on how you can get an Url for and maps image from selected point, as well as how to get meta data for that image.

Download example: Media:WP7

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