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Message receive notification using Qt Mobility

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Devices(s): Nokia N97 Mini
Platform(s): S60 5th Edition
Keywords: QMessageStore
Created: skumar_rao (15 Mar 2010)
Last edited: hamishwillee (17 Oct 2012)

This article demonstrates how to query messages from the system, how to get notifications of when messages are added or updated. Circle through all messages including SMS, MMS and Email from device


Project configuration file (.Pro file)

  • Add the Qt Mobility project configuration option in the .Pro file as shown below
CONFIG += mobility
MOBILITY += messaging

Header File

#include <qtmessaging.h>
private slots:
void messageAdded(const QMessageId &id, const QMessageStore::NotificationFilterIdSet &matchingFilterIds);
QMessageStore* msgStore;
QMessageFilter msgFilter;
QMessageStore::NotificationFilterId msgFilterId;

Source File

void send_notification::initialization() {    
msgStore = QMessageStore::instance();
QMessageFolderFilter folderFilter(QMessageFolderFilter::byDisplayName("Inbox"));
msgFilter = QMessageFilter::byParentFolderId(folderFilter);
void send_notification::register_to_receive_msgs() {
msgFilterId = msgStore->registerNotificationFilter(msgFilter);
connect(msgStore, SIGNAL(messageUpdated(QMessageId, QMessageStore::NotificationFilterIdSet)), this, SLOT(messageAdded(QMessageId, QMessageStore::NotificationFilterIdSet)));
void send_notification::deregister_to_receive_msgs() {
disconnect(msgStore, SIGNAL(messageAdded(QMessageId, QMessageStore::NotificationFilterIdSet)), this, SLOT(messageAdded(QMessageId, QMessageStore::NotificationFilterIdSet)));
void send_notification::messageAdded(const QMessageId &id, const QMessageStore::NotificationFilterIdSet &matchingFilterIds) {
if(id.isValid()) {
QMessage msgReceived(id);
QMessageContentContainer bodyPart = msgReceived.find(msgReceived.bodyId());
// bodyPart.isContentAvailable() : returns true if there is message body
QString bodyText = bodyPart.textContent();
QString msgSender = msgReceived.from().recipient();
else {
// Ignore this state


  • QMessageStore
  • QMessageFilter
  • QMessageStore::NotificationFilterId
  • QMessage

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