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MiB With Inneractive

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This article explains how to promote apps by using MIB in NAX

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We are going to learn how to promote an app in Nokia Ad Exchange. Before we promote an app what we need to know and how to save time, money, work ? all the questions answer is MiB. MiB provides a complete solution for marketing. Marketing in a Box has two parts one is Marketing Guidance and another one is Digital marketing toolkit.

Let us talk about one by one

Marketing Guidance

In this part we are going to learn a complete solution for marketing. what are the main things want to be in your mind before, during and after your application's launch. In the marketing guidance there are six points highly recommended, those topics are listed below with short description:

  1. Owned media preparation: In this section We are concentrating apps message, audience, app’s website, creating additional materials and what tools you can use to better prepare for launch.
  2. In-App business models: In this section learn how in-app advertising and in-app purchasing can help you drive revenue after the download.
  3. Bought and earned media: In this section We will learn different free and paid strategies to raise awareness and generate interest around our application. Although we can always pay to drive people to our application, alternative free methods have the potential to render even better results if planned and executed carefully.
  4. Launch preparation: In this section we are going to learn a few tips and find some ideas that can help bring your application the notoriety it deserves.
  5. Maintenance:Don’t let your guard down – there’s still work to be done. And if it had a slow start, don’t worry – keep up the hard work and your application will achieve the success it deserves. In this section you will learn the basic recommendations you should follow to refine your application and build a loyal community of dedicated users.
  6. Analysis: In this section we are going to monitor aspects of your campaign and how our users are interacting with our application. The learning’s from these results will help you fine-tune your marketing activity, discover and solve potential issues and will prepare you for future launches.

Digital marketing toolkit

This free toolkit lets you create professional quality promotional videos, websites, Facebook tabs and banners so you can start turning your app into a success. As per NAX camping requirements we are going to generate banner using digital marketing tool kit kindly follow the steps to generate banners

Step 1:

  • Go to MiB page. Click Digital Marketing Toolkit tab. Login in to your developer account, if not logged in.
  • Enter a unique name in the text box under Name your Marketing Kit.
  • Select banner only
  • Select the platform of your application. You can select Asha 303 or Asha 311 for Series 40 application and Lumia 900 or Lumia 820 or Lumia 920 for Windows application
  • Choose a language. (currently 8 languages available)
  • Click Continue.
Mib begin.jpg

Step 2: In this tab we can clearly understand the tool uses. while entering app url it automatically copies app details from app store. Just follow the step by step instruction for generating banners

Mib Banner.jpg
  • Application: in this option contains Language, Application URL, Category Application name,price. Just verify the app details.
  • Copytext:"Choose the language you want to promote your app in from the supported languages list.Long Copy for large Banners and small copy is for smaller banners
  • Device selection:Choose A device that you app runs
  • Screenshot selection:'Your app icon will be displayed in the screenshot. Choose the screenshot that highlights your app best.
  • Banner visuals:Text visuals one is dark background another one is light background. You can select both styles if you wish
  • Banner output sizes:Standard size for In app advertising .Here we select NAX only
  • Click Generate button
  • Finally click download button


Nokia Ad Exchange (NAX) is a mobile in-app advertising exchange. It brings together more than 120 ad networks worldwide. Nax allows their developers can also run their own campaigns to promote their apps through the ad networks and drive more traffic to their free, ad-funded apps.

Step 1: Create New Campaigns

  • Login into NAX or sign up to NAX at NAX is free for developers. Click campaigns in main menu
  • Click create new campaigns button
    Mib nax.jpg
  • Campaign Type : NAX offers two types of campaigns:
    • House campaigns, in which you target your apps to cross-promote your apps.
    • Paid campaigns, in which you buy ad space on other apps.

      Note.pngNote: if you select Paid Campaigns you need to allocate Budget and Cpm /cpc if you Leaving the Budget empty will set the campaign budget to unlimited

  • Name your Campaign: Please provide a meaningful name for your campaign that you will remember later on.
  • Ad Format : Select Image
  • Kindly upload downloaded image (downloaded from MiB)
  • Expand More Settings: Here you can Schedule Campaign( date &time) and Tracking URL
  • Click Next button

Step 2: Choose Your Audience

  • Application: You can select Apps for your ad (for Paying adds only)
  • Platform: Currently it supports 6 platforms (Default: All)
  • Categories: Select categories like News and Info, Lifestyle (Default: All)
  • Countries: Select list of countries(Default: All)

Step 3: Review & Confirm

  • Confirm all the details And then Click save and launch.

Step 4: Watch Campaign Report


With Marketing in a Box, promoting your app has never been easier. You will obtain the best results from your campaigns by knowing your target user (age, app category, and location) and by creating an engaging message and creative content for your NAX campaigns. Nokia provides both tools & platform, developer can connect single point and getting multiple benefits. I hope this article helps you to promote apps

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