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Midlet installation and files created

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Created: alice77 (29 May 2007)
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Every time a midlet is installed a new Uid is assigned to the application and installer creates some files for each midlet installed. This Uid is the one used by the installer to identify the midlet while uninstalling.

1. Installer creates a directory with Uid assigned to the midlet in

  C: \private\102033E6\MIDlets\ [Uid ]\ 

and copies the jar and jad to this directory.

2. Installer also creates resource files required by the application in

  and a UID.reg file in C:\systen\Install\Registry. 

Assume that if the Uid assigned to the midlet is 0x10107f31 then

  101017f31.reg will be created in C:\systen\Install\Registry. 

and jar,jad files are copied to the C: \private\102033E6\MIDlets\ [10107f31].

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