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Mobile Design Pattern: Lock Screen

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Created: prakash.raman (13 May 2009)
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On a phone, Lock Screen is needed due to two reasons:

  1. To block some unnecessary event from happening (This could happen if the user unknowingly touches or presses any key).
  2. To block unauthorized access to your phone.

Different categories of patterns have been categorized based on the security level they can provide, security increasing with complexity. There are many ways these can be designed. Some examples are provided.

Minimal Security

This is generally a basic measure to lock the screen so that no false key press or touch triggers any event.

Slide to unlock

Slide to unlock.jpg
Figure: user need to just slide it toward right to unlock.

Key combination to unlock

This is mostly used in Nokia devices. Here you will have to press 'Unlock' and then '*' to unlock the screen.

Medium Security

Well here the user is quite secure, but the probability of guessing your unlocking method is a little high.

Sequential selection of items

 St 1.png     St 2.png
 Figure: Shows items on screen. On selecting these in preset sequence, it unlocks the screen. 

Screen touch sequential pattern

User need to touch the four corner of screen in a particular sequence to unlock the screen. Else, user will see only the first screen of your phone but wont be able to do any thing with it.

High Security

These screen lock design has some kind of security key. It can be numeric, alpha numeric or graphical. The probability of guessing a key is lower, hence this will be highly secure.

Password lock

User needs to enter preset password to unlock phone.

 Pin code.jpg
 Figure: Shows password field and on entering the correct password, your phone gets unlocked.
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