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Mobile Device Specifications Database Access

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This document provides instructions for accessing the Nokia Developer Device Profile specifications for the purpose of tracking new and updated Nokia specifications for mobile devices.

Nokia device specifications and properties are described using RDF/XML metadata. An OWL (Web Ontology Language) schema defines the available properties, values and labels. This schema is updated regularly as the ontology evolves.


How to find the most recent version of the Device Profile Ontology schema

  • Download the root Nokia Developer ontology schema
  • Look for the line matching the pattern '''''' . This is the URI of the latest version of the Device Profile Ontology schema.

How to download the latest device profiles

The complete set of device profiles can be obtained via the following RSS 1.0 (RDF/XML) feed:

Extracting the mobile device specifications from RDF/XML

RDF/XML encoded metadata is not intended to be displayed in it native format. In order to present the information on web pages it needs to be parsed. Parsing can be used to reformat the device specifications as HTML or CSV.

        Device property

RDF/XML device data <- parser -> OWL schema

Finding new properties and values

New properties and values are added monthly. The spelling/case for the label can be obtained or parsed from the label in the OWL schema.

<rdfs:label>JSR 211 Content Handler API</rdfs:label> 
  1. If a new value can be added under an existing property such as a new JSR then it can be handled automatically
  2. Check to see if a new property is added in the DP-1 ontology.

There can be new values only or both properties and values.


Example: Flash Lite Property Ontology Definition

<rdf:Property rdf:about="&dp;/flash_lite">
<rdf:type rdf:resource="&owl;#ObjectProperty"/>
<rdfs:label>flash lite</rdfs:label>
Version of Flash Lite supported by the device.
<rdfs:subPropertyOf rdf:resource="&dp;/flash_technology"/>
<rdfs:range rdf:resource="&dp;/FlashLite"/>
<voc:maxCardinality rdf:datatype="&xsd;#nonNegativeInteger">1</voc:maxCardinality>
<voc:partOf rdf:resource="&dp;"/>
<rdfs:isDefinedBy rdf:resource="&ontology;"/>

Example: Flash Lite 2.1 Ontology Definition

<dp:FlashLite rdf:about="&dp;/FlashLite/flash_lite_2_1">
<rdfs:label>Flash Lite 2.1</rdfs:label>
<voc:partOf rdf:resource="&dp;"/>
<rdfs:isDefinedBy rdf:resource="&ontology;"/>

Parsing for updates or new devices

XML parsers will get properties that are text strings (between tags) from the FN devices. In order to get all information that is included in a URI path string additional programming or text processing is needed.

  1. Get properties and property values as Key Value pairs for each device.
  2. Get properties and <rdfs:label>Flash Lite</rdfs:label> from the OWL file in step
  3. Get key and label (last part of the URI string)
  4. Get the key and its value(s)
  5. Check against previous for new properties (key) and value(s).

How to access ontology labels online

The ontology presentation labels can be accessed online either by human or machine.

See the article Help:Working with Nokia Developer Website Metadata and Ontologies for details on how to access the ontologies and obtain presentation labels for the metadata properties, controlled values, and other terms.

Miscellaneous additional examples

To get a simple listing of only the URI's of all published devices:

To get the metadata about a single device based on its URI:[DEVICE URI] where [DEVICE URI] is the URL encoded URI of the device.

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