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Mobile Service Architecture (MSA)

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Created: firt (14 Apr 2007)
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Mobile Service Architecture (MSA) is an specification from Java Community Process (JCP) to reduce Java ME device fragmentation and allows vendors to distribute new devices under this umbrella. So, if a device is a MSA phone, you are sure what additional APIs have.

Like its predecessor, JTWI, MSA is an umbrella over a collection of familiar, updated, and new JSRs that cooperate to support applications with a wide range of standardized capabilities in Java ME.

There are two MSA standards, depending on the platform.

Mobile Service Architecture for CLDC/MIDP (JSR 248)

It defines two lists, a full MSA stack that comprises 16 JSRs, and a subset of eight JSRs.

MSA Subset includes:

MSA standard adds:

Mobile Service Architecture Advanced for CDC (JSR 249)

This specification is still in progress. More information on Java Community Process (JCP).

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