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The Virtual keyboard (VKB) state can be monitored by using property keys defined for the FEP. The keys used in this article are not included in the public SDK, but can be found from Symbian open sources. Also these keys are tested only with Nokia N8 and should only be used with Symbian^3 devices.

The full example that illustrates on how the property keys can be used can be found from: VKB Mode.zip

With the examples following 4 property keys are monitored:

  • KAknFepTouchInputActive
  • KAknFepVirtualKeyboardType
  • KAknFepFnKeyState
  • KAknFepSettingDialogState

The KAknFepTouchInputActive gives value 1 when the VKB is active, and 0 when it is not active.

KAknFepVirtualKeyboardType values identifies the keyboard type currently active, KAknFepFnKeyState indicates whether Fn key is active or not and the KAknFepSettingDialogState identifies whether the predictive setting dialog is closed or launched.

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