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MosaicLink Qt Quick game - app showcase

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This article provides and overview of the MosaicLink game, and the challenges of creating it using Symbian Qt Quick Components.

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SDK: Qt SDK 1.2
Created: rocjohn (08 Mar 2012)
Last edited: hamishwillee (20 Apr 2012)



QtQuick is very directly and grace, So I developed a simple game with it.

I build the MosaicLink game with Qt Quick on Symbian^3 first, by several weeks coding, debuging with QtCreator and it's Qt Simulator.

And finally debugging on C7 device, package the game with UID provided by Nokia Store, the game signed and published to Nokia Store.

After months, I ported this game to Harmattan platform, and published to Nokia Store too.

This game used basic QML elements and most QtQuick Components elements, for example: BusyIndicator, PageStack, Page, ButtonColumn, Button, QueryDialog, Slider, CheckBox and Audio element (Symbian^3).


  1. I have to implement a line drawing class on C++ side and registered it to QML side to use it to show connection line in the game.
  2. I implemented a engine and setting class with some Q_PROPERTY and Q_INVOKABLE and registered to QML side to get game data and event.
  3. I have to use some async mechnism to show partial of game page while waiting engine generating game data, and a bit delay to show game contents.
  4. While porting to Harmattan, I have to learn some acknowlege to replace the game icon and to build the debian package.
  5. The Audio element works bad on Harmattan if there are several audio playing at the same time, eventually I integrated the GameEnabler which from public of to resolve the issue.


It's almost enough to build simple interesting game! The QtQuick and QtQuick Components is very graceful and efficient. You can quickly port apps across platform.

ScreenShots for Harmattan version

Nokia-N9-main-menu.jpg Nokia-N9-level-menu.jpg

Nokia-N9-settings.jpg Nokia-N9-high-level.jpg

ScreenShots for Symbian^3 version

1-Qtproject.png 2-Qtproject.png
3-Qtproject.png 4-Qtproject.png


Note.pngNote: This is an entry in the Symbian Qt Quick Components Competition 2012Q1

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