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Created: cyke64 (19 Mar 2007)
Last edited: hamishwillee (31 May 2013)

This is inspired from the PIL version (link to original now broken - http://gumuz.looze.net/wordpress/index.php/archives/2005/06/06/python-webcam-fun-motion-detection/)

principle : phone takes pictures and compare them for detecting motion.

from appuifw import *
from graphics import Image
import camera, e32
#import miso # don't dim the light
app.body = c = Canvas()
running = True
def quit():
global running
running = False
def getdata(im, bpp=24):
import struct
im.save('D:\\pixels.png', bpp=bpp, compression='no')
f = open('D:\\pixels.png', 'rb')
f.seek(8 +8+13+4)
chunk = []
while True:
n = struct.unpack('>L', f.read(4))[0]
if n==0: break # 'IEND' chunk
f.read(4) # 'IDAT'
f.read(4) # CRC
return ''.join(chunk).decode('zlib') # '\x00' prefix each line
last1 = '\x00' * 930 # can be anything
while running:
im = camera.take_photo('RGB', (160,120))
im.rectangle([(10,10),(40,40)], 0xff0000) # red outline
im.rectangle([(120,10),(150,40)], 0xff0000) # no code for this square
# check hot spot whether active
box = Image.new((30,30), 'L') # gray scale
box.blit(im, (10,10,40,40))
data = getdata(box, 8)
# check difference for motion
pixdiff = 0
for x,y in zip(data, last1):
if abs(ord(x)-ord(y)) > 15: # pix threshold 15/256
pixdiff += 1
if pixdiff > 90: # img threshold 90/900
im.rectangle([(10,10),(40,40)], fill=0xff0000) # fill
break # motion detected
last1 = data
c.blit(im, (0,0), (8,12)) # show camera
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