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Mr. Shopper for Symbian - app showcase

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Created: grabberslasher (09 Feb 2012)
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Mr.Shopper is a standard shopping list application created with the help of Qt Quick Components. The application UI uses a combination of Qt Quick Components and standard QML elements to keep its look and feel similar for MeeGo and Symbian platforms. The application logic is implemented entirely in C++.

Problem Areas

Qt Quick Components are seem to be well optimized for Symbian platform. Unfortunately even the good optimization didn't make it possible to use ToolButton element in list items for edit and delete buttons. Another missing element that present in MeeGo version of the Components, the Sheet element, had to be emulated in Symbian version of the application. The rest of UI code was perfectly shareable between MeeGo and Symbian platforms.


Mrshopper-01.jpg Mrshopper-02.jpg Mrshopper-03.jpg

Application Icon


Link to Nokia Store

Mr.Shopper can be found on the Nokia Store at

Note.pngNote: This is an entry in the Symbian Qt Quick Components Competition 2012Q1

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