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Created: User:Kanu123 (27 Jun 2007)
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A label control is displayed as a single line. So a long text will not be shown if it goes out of screen.

So to show a label which has a long text length, one should just provide the screenwidth or rect wherein the label is to be shown to the following function

Header files :

#include <eiklabel.h>
#include <AknUtils.h>

Link against:

LIBRARY avkon.lib eikcore.lib gdi.lib


AknTextUtils::WrapToArrayL(*iLabelText, iScreenWidth, *iFont, *iTextArray);

where iFont can be


iTextArray is the array in which the long text will be split depending on the iScreenWidth.

Once this is done just add a "\n" to all the array elements and make a single text of all the elements.


SetExtent(iXY, (*this).MinimumSize());

Where iWrappedText is the HBufC in which the iTextArray elements are appended to make a single line of text with the "\n"'s .

Following the above steps gives a multiline custom CEikLabel.

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