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N9 Application Color

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This article explains about the importance of highlight color in N9 application

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Visual impact of an application is very important for the users to come back to the application again and again.
And in N9 this especially has more importance as each application has its own distinct color which makes that application stand out from others.
Hence choosing your application highlight color is very important.

How to choose your application color?

You can choose the highlight color of your application on various factors like:

  • Color of your product brand
  • Logo Color
  • Theme of your product (Example a web site for selling organic products, you can choose Green color)
  • Abstract Color – If you cannot come up with a color based on above criteria’s then choose a color other than default N9 color and avoid the colors of existing common and popular applications for N9.

Where can you apply the highlight colors?

There are number of areas where you can apply the custom color you have chosen for your application:

  • Tab Control
  • Buttons
  • Check box
  • Radio Buttons
  • Message box
  • Slider
  • Progress bar
  • Image Colors

N9 Color.png
Launcher Icon :
It is a very important part of your application representation. Because this icon symbolize your application.
Try to keep its color the same as your highlight color.

Splash Screen :
Choose the color with a consistent shade of your highlight color.

Dos and Don'ts

  • Make sure you don’t use multiple colors, cause if you want your application to be identified by a color keep it single that will make it unique.
  • Use the same shade consistently across the application.
  • If you apply custom control to a control, make sure other pages of the application will also have that custom color applied to that control.
  • N9 has 10 Accent colors, you may like to use the same or avoid depending on the type of application and its behavior.
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