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Nokia PC Suite Connectivity API 1.1

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The download archive contains PC Suite Connectivity API 1.1 material including: API Reference Manual, Library and API Header files, and Example applications in object and source code format.

The Nokia PC Suite Connectivity API (PCSAPI) is a successor of the existing Nokia PC Connectivity SDKs.

Application developers can now add application connectivity capabilities, not just to Series 40 applications but also to applications for S60 devices based on S60 2nd Edition Feature Packs 1, devices, where they are supported by the Nokia PC Suite

This however will not put support for PC Suite into Symbian SDK's and does not provide support for PC Suite to Java SDK's.

The Nokia PCSAPI is an integrated part of the Nokia PC Suite. This takes advantage of the suite's existing capabilities. It was designed to free the application developer from the complexity of the connectivity and transmission protocols and phone system architecture. The Nokia PCSAPI is only supported by Nokia PC Suite 6.6 or later which means many earlier devices cannot be connected with the purchase of a cable

There is a Forum Discussion group PC Suite API and PC Connectivity SDK

This suite requires extensive knowledge of Microsoft application development found Microsoft Development Network MSDN Visual Basic 6

Please note that Microsoft removed support for this product in 2003 and is support is only supplied by the VB6 user group, further legal copies of VB6 may hard to purchase. Microsoft recommends using Community editons of VB.

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